Hi. We’re IQ, a digital advertising agency focused on today’s consumers.

Creative is the last mile. Even with all the best strategy work, everything comes down to our ability to emotionally resonate with a consumer at the moment of interaction. The examples you see below are a small fraction of the creative work we have in our portfolio, but demonstrate IQ’s competence from TV to digital. To see more examples for a particular client, a type of work, or for a specific industry, click the archive link at the bottom of the page.


A complex marketplace and digitally savvy, demanding consumers make strategic planning essential.



The result of our process is an ordered marketing system built around the way the modern consumer behaves.


Our Strategic Process

1. Discovery

We start by fully informing ourselves about the brand, the company, the competition and most important, the consumer.

2. Journey Mapping

Then we map the journeys that your targets take to purchase and beyond to advocacy, in the process uncovering key influences and interaction points.

3. Content Strategy

Next, we develop a content strategy to determine the right messaging and approach for every interaction.

4. Business Alignment

Identified channel tactics are then validated and prioritized against business goals.

5. Execution Playbook

Finally, prioritized tactics are outlined in an execution roadmap covering 18-24 months, including all key details of execution, goals and measurement.

Strategic Capabilities

Our strategic practice includes the following disciplines. Every project does not require every discipline and engagements vary in size and scope. Examples of all deliverables are available upon request

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