Refund Policy

  • Once Deposit is made, you agree to the commencement of the project, we do not offer refunds
  • All projects begin when client sends over there ideas, designs, and deposit, since there is time spent to conduct this, a refund is not possible for work already completed. If you choose to terminate our services after the initial deposit then you will be charged an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project. The balance will be credited to the account from which you made payment within 45 days of cancellation.
  • Digital marketing packages are non-refundable, however Cancellation of any service renewal should be done 14 days prior to the start of next billing cycle.
  • No payment will be refunded once the client approves mockup designs.
  • No cancellations are entertained for services that CR8VMNDS has offered on special occasions. These are limited time offers and cannot be cancelled.
  • Hourly and support agreements are paid in advance and do not qualify for refunds. Any unused time in your hourly or support agreement can be used for credit towards future work.
  • There are no partial refunds for projects mid-way through the project’s completion.
  • CR8VMNDS does not offer refunds on deposits or payments for projects that are abandoned or lay dormant for more than 30 days. CR8VMNDS reserves the right to change this policy at any given time.